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Estimated Gross Domestic Product:
3.8%, Jan - Dec 2022 / Jan - Dec 2021
Gross Domestic Product Actual:
4.0%, Dec 2021
Average Consumer Price Index (CPI):
4.1%, June 2023 / June 2022
Census Population:
71,105, as of Oct 2021
2021 Life Expectancy at birth:
2021 Life Expectancy at birth - Male:
2021 Life Expectancy at birth - Female:
Estimated Population:
83,671, June 2023
Unemployment Rate:
2.4%, as at June 2023
Merchandise Imports ($):
17.4% Jan - Dec 2022 / Jan - Dec 2021
Balance of Payments Current Account Deficit % GDP:
13.6% of GDP, Dec 2021

Occupational Wage Survey 2023

The Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) is conducting the Occupational Wage Survey 2023.

This Survey will be used primarily in:

The database can also be used by private and public sector employers and employees in reviewing compensation in their respective industries.

The OWS is confidential. You are not required to identify your employees by name. No individual returns will be provided to parties outside the ESO, in accordance with Section 8 of the Statistics Act. Only aggregated data will be published.

The 2023 Survey should be completed on or before February 16th, 2024. Copies of the Cover Letter, User Guide and Questionnaire to be completed are posted below. 

For any query or request for assistance, please contact Ms. Andrelene Royal at 244-4602, or Mr. Travis Walters at 244-4606.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and effort.