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Latest Indicators

Gross Domestic Product EST:
3.7%, June 2018 / June 2017
Consumer Price Index (CPI):
3.5 %, September 2018 / September 2017
Total Population:
64,420, as of Spring 2018
Unemployment Rate:
3.4%, as at Spring 2018
Merchandise Imports ($):
12.0% June 2018 / June 2017
Balance of Payments Current Account Deficit (EST) % GDP:
32.1%, Dec 2017

Foreign Trade Report

The foreign (overseas) trade statistics is produced by the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO). As in most other countries, the foreign trade statistics is compiled from computerized records maintained by the Customs Department. The records are based on documents which are completed by importers, exporters or their agents, who are obliged to record the appropriate statistical code number against each commodity using the Cayman Islands Tariff Code (CITC). The task of the ESO is mainly to incorporate and check the credibility of the data, and classify them into tables that can be useful for analysis. The foreign trade statistics can help tracking trade trends and changes in import and export. The duty on import is a very important revenue for the Cayman Islands Government.
The ESO foreign trade statistics published so far covers merchandise trade only. Trade in services is not included. ESO is currently working on developing statistics on trade in services.