September 16,2019
Upcoming Reports: 2nd Quarter CPI; 1st Quarter Economic Report; 2nd Quarter Trade Bulletin
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Projected Gross Domestic Product:
3.3%, 2018 / 2017
Gross Domestic Product Actual:
3.0%, Dec 2017 / Dec 2016
First Quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI):
4.5 %, March 2019 / March 2018
Total Population:
65,813, as of Fall 2018
Unemployment Rate:
2.8%, as at Fall 2018
Merchandise Imports ($):
11.2% March 2019 / March 2018
Balance of Payments Current Account Deficit (EST) % GDP:
32.1%, Dec 2017

Introduction & Explanatory Notes

Compendium of Statistics
Introduction and Explanatory Notes


This edition of the Compendium of Statistics contains new tables and graphs, which are meant to make it more user-friendly and assist the reader in using the figures correctly.

The vision of the ESO for the Compendium of Statistics is to develop it into a Statistical Yearbook for the Cayman Islands and this version of the Compendium is a step closer to achieving this goal.


SIGN                        EXPLANATION

-                                     Zero

..                              Data not available

P                           Preliminary Figure

R                          Revised from last version

NS                        Not Stated                             

Mws                       Megawatts





            BOP                 - Balance of Payments

            CB                    - Cayman Brac

CE                    - Certificate of Education

CIF                   - Cost Insurance and Freight

            CIMA                - Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

            CITC                 - Cayman Islands Tariff Code

CPI                   - Consumer Price Index

CSE                 - Certificate of Secondary Education

CXC                 - Caribbean Examination Council

DOA                 - Department of Agriculture

ECG                 - Electrocardiogram

ESO                 - Economics and Statistics Office

FOB                 - Freight on Board

GC                   - Grand Cayman

GCE                 - General Certificate of Education

GCSE               - General Certificate of Secondary Education

GDP                 - Gross Domestic Product

HSA                 - Health Services Authority

ICCI                  - International College of the Cayman Islands

            ISCED              - International Standard Classification of Education

            ISCO                - International Standard Classification of Occupations

ISIC                  - International Standard Industrial Classification

LC                    - Little Cayman

LFS                  - Labour Force Survey

MLA                 - Members of the Legislative Assembly
NALC               - National Assessment of Living Conditions

PPM                 - People Progressive Movement

RCIPS              - Royal Cayman Islands Police Department

SITC                 - Standard International Trade Classification

STR                  - Student Teacher Ratio

SLC                  - Survey of Living Condition

UCCI                - University College of the Cayman Islands

UDP                 - United Democratic Party

UNESCO          - United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization