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8.2%, Jan - Sept 2020 / Jan - Sept 2019
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6.7%, Dec 2020 / Dec 2019
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1.0%, March 2021 / March 2020
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65,786, as of Fall 2020
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5.2%, as at Fall 2020
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2.4% Jan - Mar 2021 / Jan - Mar 2020
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18.3% of GDP, Dec 2019
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Cayman Islands' Statistics Fair to Highlight Connectivity

"Celebrating the International Year of Statistics 2013!"

Nine governmental agencies are teaming with the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) to showcase the impact of statistics on daily life in the Cayman Islands.

A month from now the country’s first statistics fair will take place at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) auditorium on Thursday, 24 October 2013, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The interactive exhibition will be the highlight of the Cayman Islands’ celebration of the International Year of Statistics 2013. Organisers have planned activities that will focus on the theme ⫿KY Stats 4 Everyday Life: Let us Educate and Appreciate???.

ESO Director Maria Zingapan explains that the year was declared by the United Nations to promote the power and impact of statistics on everyday life and to introduce young people to careers in statistical science. ⫿We aim to get our local students thinking about statistics, not just as a subject they study but how comprehensively statistics impact all of us in our daily lives,??? Ms Zingapan continues.

Other participating departments include: Children and Family Services, Education, Environment, Environmental Health, Immigration, Lands and Survey as well as Planning, the Health Services Authority and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Most of these departments are members of the recently-established National Statistical Coordination Committee.

Fair coordinator Shanna Saunders-Best notes that there will be interactive exercises that will aim to help school children learn in a fun way how statistics work, and through which they can earn special prizes and offerings. There will also be an award for the school with the most representatives.

While the emphasis will be on students, the day-long fair will offer interesting exhibits and meaningful insights for adults as well, she comments.

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