Miss Lassie Inspires 2010 Census Logo

"Members of the 2010 Census Advisory Committee gathered yesterday (27 November)"

Members of the 2010 Census Advisory Committee gathered yesterday (27 November) for the unveiling of a vibrant census logo, inspired by the work of renowned Caymanian artist, ⫿Miss Lassie??? (Gladwyn K. Bush)

The group praised the design created by Government Information Services’ graphics team, agreeing that it would likely appeal to both local and foreign residents.
Depicting gender, race, and nationally non-specific stylised figures housed in a colourful island-style home, the logo is complimented by the slogan, ’2010 Everyone Counts!’
The logo’s colours of green, red, blue and yellow came from swatches selected from one of Miss Lassie’s most famous paintings, The World Praying for Peace.
Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) Director Maria Zingapan advised committee members that several logo concepts were screened by staff members who also made the final selection. ⫿We particularly liked the fact that the chosen design was ageless and could be adapted in future just by changing the date,??? she said.
Committee Chair and ESO Chief Statistician Ronnie Andersson said that he too was delighted with the design which he felt would be ⫿easily recognized internationally for its distinctiveness and cultural sensitivity.???
Other committee members???Department of Employment Relations Director Lonny Tibbetts; Ministry of Health and Human Services Senior Policy Adviser (Gender Affairs) Tammy Ebanks-Bishop; and Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Wil Pineau???each supported the design. They suggested its widespread use on all census materials.
The 2010 Census Advisory Committee includes representatives from government ministries and related agencies who are major users of census data.
Cayman’s next Population and Housing Census will take place in October 2010, under the direction of the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO). Population censuses have been conducted in Cayman since 1802, the last occurring in October 1999.
Publicity regarding the coming census will focus on three key messages: the census is coming ??? make sure you are counted; the census is important and provides useful, necessary, information; and the census is safe ??? your confidentiality will be ensured!
The new logo and the importance of census information will be featured on GISSpotlight on 8 December.
Information on the 2010 and past censuses, and links to information on other jurisdictions can be found on the ESO website at www.eso.ky.Campaign updates will be uploaded periodically.

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