ESO Launches Survey to Measure the Value Added of Cayman’s Sectors

"The ESO is embarking on a project to produce national accounts statistics for the Cayman Islands"

The ESO is embarking on a project to produce national accounts statistics for the Cayman Islands in accordance with the System of National Accounts (SNA) issued by the United Nations Statistical Commission. These accounts are intended to provide a systematic and comprehensive record of the economic contribution of various sectors of Cayman’s economy ??? businesses, non-profit institutions and government establishments.

As in all countries that have implemented the SNA, Cayman’s national accounts will be based on data collected through a survey. The SNA Survey is a 3-page questionnaire to be sent to all currently active establishments in the ESO Register of Establishments. The questionnaire is patterned after national accounts surveys in other countries.

The SNA Survey has two phases:
?_ First phase (pilot survey): a sample of selected establishments will be sent questionnaires in February. Their responses and feedback will the evaluated as basis for further refining the questionnaire to be sent to all establishments in March. This is the pilot stage of the survey, and is intended primarily to derive inputs from the establishments in the Cayman Islands to make the final questionnaire to be used in the second phase as ⫿Caymanized??? as possible.
?_ Second phase (full survey): All other establishments currently listed in the ESO Register of Establishments will be sent the final questionnaire in March.
Completion of the questionnaire is a legal requirement under the Statistics Law (1996 revised) which also guarantees the confidentiality of the information. Sections 17 of the Act prohibit the communication or publication of information in any manner so that an individual or business may be identified.
An electronic version of the questionnaire is available from the Annual Naional Accounts Survey (see left section of the homepage) or upon request through Ms. Yvonne Newland at 244-16-15 or [email protected]