Caymans’ human development index remained relatively stable between 2010 and 2021

For the Cayman Islands, the 2021 Human Development Index value was 0.877, which falls within the range of having a Very High Human Development Index of 0.80 and 1.0 based on the UNDP HDI Report 2021/2022.

The HDI combines Gross National Income (GNI), life expectancy at birth, Expected years of schooling and Mean years of schooling. The Gross National Income (GNI) stood at US$48,878 in 2021. The life expectancy at birth was 82.1 years in the census years 2010 and 2021. Expected years of schooling, which is the number of years a child of school entrance age can expect to receive if the prevailing patterns of age-specific enrolment rates persist throughout the child’s life, was 13.6 years. The mean years of schooling is the average number of years of education received by persons ages 25 and older, converted from education attainment levels using official durations of each level, which was 15.2 years.

The life expectancy at birth in the Cayman Islands during 2021 was 82.1 years; for females, it was 83.7, which exceeded that of men by 3.3 years.  Women's life expectancy generally exceeded that of men in all age groups.

The Gender Inequality Index for the Cayman Islands deteriorated in 2021 relative to 2010, moving from 0.305 to 0.323, indicating a widening disparity between males and females.

For more information on the The Cayman Islands’ Human Development Index 2021,” please visit www.eso.ky.