2007 Annual Economic Report of the Cayman Islands Released

"The AER Report presents an overview of the following areas"

The AER Report presents an overview of the following areas:

?_ The global and regional economic environment in 2007 including world GDP and inflation, global finance and regional tourism indicators;

?_ The country’s macroeconomic performance in 2007 comprising of the gross domestic product, price inflation, employment, imports, money and banking;

?_ Key developments in the financial services sector, tourism, construction, real estate and utilities (electricity, water and telecommunications);

?_ Fiscal operations of the central government covering revenue, expenditures, primary balance, net financing and debt service indicators and

?_ The macroeconomic outlook for 2008, ie, GDP, inflation and the key risk factors for both.

The AER includes an Executive Summary, and a Statistical Appendix. This year’s edition of the AER features the following box articles:

?_ Food Prices
?_ Money Supply
?_ Legislative Changes in the Financial Sector.
?_ Government Bond Ratings for Cayman Islands as at 2008