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Gross Domestic Product EST:
2.0%, Dec 2015 / Dec 2014
Consumer Price Index (CPI):
2.8%, Mar 2016 / Mar 2015
Work Permits:
8.0%, Dec 2015 / Dec 2014
Unemployment Rate:
4.2%, as at Fall 2015
Merchandise Imports ($):
11.9% Mar 2016 / Mar 2015
Balance of Payment Current Account Balance (EST) % GDP:
23.1%, Dec 2015


to the website of the Economics and Statistics Office which is designed to serve the statistical needs of the local community as well as Cayman's global investors.

We provide users with on-line access to our database of the Cayman Islands' economy comprising an array of statistical products and economic reports which are normally the most recent editions. For further assistance, please email Narnia Ebanks .

In the news

July 07,2016
Cayman’s Economy Sustained Growth in 2015

The country’s estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant prices rose by 2.0 percent in 2015.

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July 06,2016
Compendium of Statistics 2015 Shows Improvement in Education Statistics

The annual Compendium of Statistics 2015 was released today by the Economics and Statistics Office.

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July 06,2016
Consumption Expenditure by Households in Cayman Reached $1.7 Billion in 2015

The overall household consumption expenditure in the Cayman Islands in 2015 is estimated at $1,697.07 million.

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