September 16,2019
Upcoming Reports: 2nd Quarter CPI; 1st Quarter Economic Report; 2nd Quarter Trade Bulletin
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Projected Gross Domestic Product:
3.0%, Mar 2019 / Mar 2018
Gross Domestic Product Actual:
3.0%, Dec 2017 / Dec 2016
Consumer Price Index (CPI):
3.4 %, June 2019 / June 2018
Total Population:
68,076, as of Spring 2019
Unemployment Rate:
3.0%, as at Spring 2019
Merchandise Imports ($):
10.4% June2019 / June2018
Balance of Payments Current Account Deficit (EST) % GDP:
32.1%, Dec 2017


February 12,2008
ESO Launches Survey to Measure the Value Added of Cayman’s Sectors

The ESO is embarking on a project to produce national accounts statistics for the Cayman Islands

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February 05,2008
ESO Featured in Chamber Quarterly Review

Issue 1 2008

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January 16,2008
2007 3rd Quarter CPI Report Released

2007 3rd Quarter CPI Report Released

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November 21,2007
2007 Semi-Annual Economic Report Released

The 2007 Semi-Annual Economic Report compiles all available economic indicators as at end of June 2007

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October 16,2007
2007 October Labour Force Survey Starts

The Economics and Statistics Office is seeking the public's co-operation in the twice-yearly labour force survey which gets underway on Sunday

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October 16,2007
ESO Seeks Cooperation in Developing a Central Directory of Establishments

The Economic and Statistics Office (ESO)

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September 05,2007
Cayman Islands’ Overseas Trade Statistics 2006

The Cayman Islands’ Overseas Trade Statistics 2006

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September 05,2007
Cayman Islands’ Annual Economic Report (AER) 2006

The Cayman Islands’ 2006 AER provides information on the performance of the Cayman Islands’ economy during the 2006 calendar year

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August 23,2007
2007 First Quarter Economic Report (QER) Released

The QER compiles key economic indicators for the first quarter of 2007 and shows their percentage change since the same quarter in 2006.

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August 14,2007
June 2007 Inflation Report Released

The CPI in June 2007 rose by 3.0% compared to the June 2006 CPI, which is traced to increases in the average prices of all major categories, except housing.

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June 21,2007
March 2007 Inflation Report Released

Consumer Price Index Up by 4.4% in March 2007

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April 12,2007
2006 Inflation Report Released

Consumer Price Index Up by 0.7% in 2006

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February 09,2007
ESO Strategic Plan Updated and Set for Implementation

The medium-term strategic plan of the Economics and Statistics Office was recently updated to cover the period 2006-2009.

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February 01,2007
Survey of living Conditions and Household Budget Survey Currently Underway

The SLC and HBS started on the week of January 29, 2007.

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